On-site Membership Sales Training

This is MORE than just quality training and systems for your membership department. With over 60 years of ‘hands on’ experience in increasing club profitability, EDDIE TOCK understands your organization must have a complete professional team approach to maximize your potential.

The EDDIE TOCK System for memberships include:

  • Tours (asking the important questions)
  • Greetings (building a rapport)
  • Presentations (professional soft sell)
  • Referrals (do it the old fashioned way-earn them)
  • Overcoming objections (refer back to tour)
  • Retention (starts the day they join and is continuous)
  • Telephone Inquiries (many times their 1st impression of you)
  • Follow-up (making it professional and natural)
  • Community Outreach (systematically meet your business neighbors)
  • Upselling (involve members in other club profit centers)
  • Testimonials (happy members write them)
  • Increase sales income (the little things make $$)
  • Management Control Forms (Inspect what you expect)
  • The seminar can be customized to fill any special needs of the club to include:
  • Front Desk Professionalism Training
  • Increase Personal Training revenue
  • Marketing concepts and ideas
  • Competitive Analysis