Performance Programs       

6 and 12 Month Performance Agreements

An ongoing training and educational program to insure that your staff is maximizing their total potential. It includes training days each month with EDDIE TOCK at your facility educating your staff. Raising them to a higher level of success by monitoring the results of their daily work efforts and efficiency, then teaching them new techniques from beginner thru advanced.

Remember that the club income is primarily generated from monthly dues collected from your membership. The membership staff usually has most of the initial contact with the potential members. By design, the professional membership staff is the primary income-producing department in the entire organization. Consider the consequences if that department is under producing or not developing member retention.

Now consider the possibilities of how 10 /20 /30 additional members per month, every month, will impact the financial health of your bottom line. A professionally operated membership department is your most important investment!

EDDIE TOCK Performance Programs always include a payment system based on a mutually agreed upon goal of membership sales, thus creating a Win-Win team and attitude. It works - and the proof is in the numbers with the average membership increase in the past 5 years being more than DOUBLE the industry average!

Eddie provided my staff with industry specific advanced sales training and a blueprint for success. We have adopted the sales process recommended by Eddie and have increased same club sales by over 20%. If you want maximum performance from your sales team, hire Eddie. Eddie has successfully summarized his 25+ years of industry experience into a simple yet effective sales model"

Kevin Hedley, Chief Operating Officer, O2 Fitness Clubs